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Start up iconique | Coach me to an entrepreneur

Internet. Wonderful invention, that allows us to share learnings, experiences, tips & advices.{Les iconiques is the perfect example} As many of you said, this blog made me much more to a coach, than to a blogger. But can I claim to be a coach so easily? Can everybody become a coach thanks to the Internet? According Jennifer Meister & Katja Manger the 2 founders of Coachimo the answer is ‘YES, everybody can be a coach!’.

I’ve met them to talk about their start up project and get some learnings about entrepreneurship…

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Be iconique | Gender equality? Oui, but how?

Sunday, the 8th of March. International women’s day. {Whoop whoop!} This day is a bit like Valentine’s day. It doesn’t mean: Men offer flowers to women and it doesn’t mean, we celebrate women once a year. It is one more opportunity to work on gender equality! And this is how we do it on Les iconiques…

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Culture iconique | Niyar, a paper Tale

If you’ve ever thought about visiting Berlin in the last couple of years you will have seen many articles on Berlin’s notorious district of Neukölln. {=the Harlem of Berlin} Criminality, mass immigration or problems of gentrification were big topics in the media {You guessed it…Neukölln is really not my hood!} If you’d have asked me 3 years ago: Have you ever been to Berlin Neukölln? I’d have said… ‘Nooooo. I’m not tired of life!’ After years of persuading from my dear Neukölln-fans-friends Charlotte&Camille I decided to finally jump in the deep end… {If I write you today, it means I wasn’t shot. Peace!}

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Career iconique | Should I quit my job?

Imagine…You’re working 60 hours a week. Business phone is day’n night on. You’re so passionate about your job, you forget to eat. Always on the verge of a burn out, you don’t care…You work more. Private life? What’s that?! {No time for your friends} Your colleagues become your friends. You all have the same values ‘Work hard, Play hard’. Together you make something big. You’re successful, you thrive! One day you realize your company is changing…

Happy new year, les iconiques

By the way…Happiconique 2015!

I’m late…I knooooow. Sorry for that, but my France and I were in a really sad mood the last days. The best is probably yet to come…{Charlie has been sold out. It’s one more tiny victory on what happened.} I do not forget, but I wanna be grateful more than sad or afraid. It feels right to say thank you, to y’all, for supporting me! This Blog never stops growing up {Daaamn more than 300 iconiques babes in da house!} I feel blessed. Merci du fond du coeur!

I hope you started 2015 in a wonderful way and you’re as pumped as I am for all that is to come in the year ahead. Keep spreading love!

I wish you an iconique 2015. Let’s make it count! x A.

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Charliconique | Tribute to Freedom

Back from my Holiday, finally internet again…I’d like to wish you all an happy new year. But I can’t. My heart is bleeding… Paris has been attacked. I’m sorry to start the year with such a post on the blog… But I can’t be quiet. I need to speak out…In the name of Charlie, in the name of Tolerance, in the name of Freedom.

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Wardrobe iconique | The little black dress

With a month of festive shindigs like december, every woman should have a {killer} party dress in her wardrobe. Do you know those situations, where you have nothing to wear? Christmas Eve? New year’s Eve? This invitation you got, without dress code and you’re afraid to come over- or underdressed? Yeah, we all know that! Right in those moments, you need a little black dress. I promise you will never be wrong with it.

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X-mas iconique | How to make the perfect gift?

If there´s one holiday I get so excited all year long, it definitely would be Christmas. I love the smell of mulled wine and roasted almonds, when I’m strolling along the christmas market. Everybody has this holiday spirit in their smiles. There is kind of an extraordinary generosity in the air. It feels so wonderful to treat friends and family. I’m not gonna do a list of presents you should buy. I think, it’s too commercial {and there are already many blogs givin you input. Let’s be different!}. I rather reveal you the way I make iconiques gifts…

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Cameron Diaz | 6 learnings from her body book

Cameron Diaz… my hollywood sunshine. I just read her body book. I’m not sure, I’ve learned something. Cuz’ the insights are basically nothing new, buuuut I’m glad to read so much authenticity! It feels simply reaaaally good to read, that a hollywood star does have pimples {jajaja!}, thinks about her hair down there and shows herself unretouched. Far away from establishing her as a lifestyle guru, like Gwyneth Paltrow does, she gives one hell of a pep talk, like a friend would do. I collected the most inspiring quotes of the book for you…